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Welcome to Simple Survival's Moderator Applications. 

Moderators are volunteer players that Simple Survival has entrusted with the tools to help keep the server enjoyable and as fair as possible by upholding server rules and helping players when their gameplay experience has been disrupted through no fault of their own.

If you are passionate about helping others and would like to express an interest in joining our team, then fill out the application form below. If accepted, you will be contacted via discord. 

There are some requirements before you are eligible to apply for a Moderator role
- You must be 18 years or older

- Have an In-Game Level of at least 10

- Have and use discord 

- Be an active player and member of the community

- Must speak fluent English

Staff Application


Thanks for submitting!

Server Info

3 Survival servers running on 1.19.2
We are always online - 24/7
Top Notch Hardware - No Lag
Toggleable PVP - You are safe in the wild
Land Claiming - Protect your base
Economy - Buy, sell & trade with others
Leaderboards - Are you our best player?
Player Shops - Passive income while building
Player Clans - Join or create your clan!

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