Server Information

Due to performance issues with 1.14, there're certain restrictions to survival that have to be in place to stop the server from becoming overloaded and lagging.
Mojang is working on a performance update for 1.15 so hopefully, in the future, many of these restrictions can be removed.
Mob based restrictions
  • The vanilla mob cap per player has been reduced for hostile and passive mobs. This means fewer mobs will spawn around a player. 
  • Guardians, Pillagers, Salmon, Cod and Tropical fish are all disabled due to errors in their AI.
  • Spawner mobs used in mob farms don't have AI. (Don't move, jump, attack, follow players)
Chunk based restrictions
  • 16 Piston per chunk
  • 16 Sticky Pistons per chunk
  • 16 Hoppers per chunk
  • Each category of a mob is limited to 10 in a radius around each player (Going over this cap when breeding will result in the mob disappearing). 
World restrictions
  • Overworld 15000 x 15000
  • Nether 5000 x 5000
  • The End 5000 x 5000
Entity Removal
Entity removal is a moderation tool in place that removes all specified entities from the world once every 7 minutes. This stops the overpopulation of many types of common entities. This tool only removes dropped items and aggressive mobs. It will not remove passive mobs or any tamed/named mobs.