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Server Rules

The Simple Survival Server is intended to be a fun, safe, and friendly environment for all players to enjoy. As such, we have a list of rules we expect all players to follow with no exceptions. By choosing to use the Simple Survival Server or Discord, you agree to follow all the rules listed below, as well as our Discord-specific rules, which can be found Here

#1 Respect All Players

Remember, you will be primarily using a public chat!

Don’t be obnoxious or disrespectful to others, be aware that there may be children online, and not all language is appropriate for all audiences. While we allow some swearing, it is primarily forgiven when done in the moment and not aimed at anyone else. Any disrespectful or aggressive remarks made towards other players are not allowed.

​Don't Spam, Advertise or Flood the global chat. In general, global chat is a busy place and can become difficult to read at the best of times. Spamming (Repeating the same phrases repeatedly), Flooding (emphasising a word by adding more characters than necessary), and Advertising (using global chat to bring attention to a product on or off the server with intrusive blocks of text).

Don’t start and/or encourage controversial topics in global chat. Controversial topics are anything that may be upsetting for your fellow players. This includes conversations regarding politics, weapons, physical/mental abuse, mental illness, self-harm, suicide, discrimination, religious beliefs, skin tone or how some people identify themselves. 

Don’t threaten or discuss violence and hatred towards others. Regardless of how serious your intentions may or may not be, we will take these cases seriously and inform your local authorities if we feel you or someone close to you is in danger. 

Don’t lie about and/or reveal the personal info of other players in any way. Growing friendships online may result in someone sharing personal information with you. If they do this, then it is your responsibility to keep that private. Never share someone else's personal information, even as a light-hearted joke.

Don't impersonate staff. Staff are here to protect you and the server. Everyone should be able to easily identify staff for help when needed and not be confused by normal players imitating staff or playing a pseudo-staff role. ​

#2 Respect other players' builds and items.

You share the world with hundreds of other players, be considerate of one another.

Be aware of where you build and what you claim. When you first join the server, you won't have many claim blocks to protect your builds (these are obtained through voting over time). Therefore you'll want to find a place to build with space to expand into in the future as you get more claim blocks and your builds get bigger. Other players also want to build and expand too, so we state that you cannot build within 50 blocks of another player's claim to allow both you and other players the expand your claims and grow without someone else's build getting in the way.

Additionally, trolling by placing a claim within the 50-block radius or purposely building so another claim owner cannot expand their build will result in your claim and build being removed.

Don’t steal from other players. Players spend a lot of time collecting rare items and materials for their collections and builds. Don't take anything from another player's chests or builds without permission. Making a copy of someone else's mapart without permission is also considered stealing.

Don't make inappropriate builds, signs or pictures. Any builds unsuitable for a Minecraft server that welcomes people of all ages and backgrounds will be removed without warning. This is anything built that will offend or upset others.​

Don't destroy the world around you. On Simple, we do not reset our worlds. Therefore all your actions are mostly permanent. So, we ask that players do not destroy abandoned bases, dig up entire biomes, grief the landscape, use TNT to make massive holes in the floor or destroy naturally generated buildings. Generally, do not do things that make the overworld ugly or unwelcoming for players. 

You can go crazy in the resource world if you like. Just keep our overworld looking semi-decent. 

#3 Play Fair

Players have the right to play in an environment that is fair and free of cheating and exploitation.
To provide a positive experience for all players, we disallow all hacks, glitches, cheats, macros, and other behaviours used to gain an unfair advantage.

Clients allowed on Simple:

  • Vanilla

  • Optifine

  • Badlion

  • Forge

  • Fabric


Anything not on this list is considered a disallowed modification, and you will receive a warning and ban if you are found to be using any other modifications.

If you set off the anti-cheat on any client that is not vanilla, then we will assume you are using illegal modifications.
All non-Vanilla or Optifine mods are used at your own risk.

You could still face a warning or ban if lag causes you to ping the anti-cheat whilst using another client.

Don't abuse bugs and glitches to gain an unfair advantage. Every new version of Minecraft comes with its fair share of bugs and glitches, as do plugins. Using any of these to glitch yourself or someone else, duplicate items, gain perks etc., is strictly prohibited. 

Additional actions considered to be unfair:

  • Abusing game mechanics to avoid server features, such as anti-AFK machines.

  • Using an alt to AFK for you.

  • Constructing machines or items to lag or otherwise disrupt other people's gameplay.

  • Creating chunk-loading devices which keep a chunk loaded even while you are not within the activation area,

Don't take part in actions that harm the server itself. Every computer has a limited amount of resources, and when you play on a server like Simple's, those resources are shared among the players. Some players farming may take a little more resources than other players who are building, and this is normal.

However, making unnecessarily large machines, contraptions, cramming entities and other builds that require a lot of the server's resources to run is not allowed. Building a large farm that starts to lag the server will not result in a ban, but you may be asked to not use it at peak times, make it smaller to require fewer resources to run or remove it altogether. So be mindful of the server and other players when creating any large entity or redstone-based build. 

Staff reserve the right to disable or remove anything built on the server which has been proven to disrupt others' gameplay experience.

Ban evasion will result in an instant ipban and an extension to your current ban!

Don't create player traps or kill others who have not agreed to PVP with you. This includes teleporting a player to a location where they will likely die, teleporting a player into a contraption you have intending to kill them, placing lava and TNT around a player and blowing up end crystals near another player.

#4 Additional Rules

These rules don’t fall under the previous three sections, but they still need to be followed. For any additional information or help, please check out our Discord.

Simple Survival is an English server and is Moderated as such. Therefore, you must use English in global chat. You may use other languages in a party and private chat. 

About In-game money and items. 

Everything on the server has some form of virtual value. You must buy and sell things for the accepted community price and not take advantage of new players' lack of knowledge about certain items. An example is seeing a new player get an Iron Golem spawner out of a crate and lying to them about its value to obtain it from them for much less than its actual value. We highly recommend asking other players online or on discord for the value of items before trading them in-game. 

Don't trade any items or money on the server for real-world items/money. No virtual items on Simple have real-world value, and anyone offering to purchase items is liable to be scammed by other players. You are allowed to gift items from the webstore as these do have real-world 'usable' value, and we can protect you and your purchase.


Don't scam or use any other dishonest tricks to steal money and items from other players. 


Don't steal other players’ intellectual property without permission. This includes items like Maparts, banners and named items, which a player personally made and would not exist without that player's time and effort. 


About Player shop plots:

Here are some guidelines if you have a shop plot in /warp PlayerShops.

- You must use your shop plot to sell items to other players.
- Letting other players use your shop to sell their goods does not constitute you using the plot.

- Any shops attempting to scam players will be removed.

- Any unused plots or plots used as a 'flex' or 'troll' with no intention to sell goods will be removed.
- You cannot charge a player more than you pay in rent to have shops on your plot if sharing.
- Do not place beacons in or around the shopping district.
- You may only rent a single shop plot at a time.

- When selling a plot, you may not charge more than four weeks of that plot's rent

- Your shop must contain at least five chests selling items.

- Shops must be used to sell items. Buying is optional, but you cannot have a shop that only buys items.

- The shop owner must be the primary seller within the plot.

- Don't sell everyday items for high prices as a placeholder to keep an otherwise useless shop.

Player shops on the server are an in-demand commodity, and we try our best to make them as fair as possible and give everyone an equal chance to obtain and use this aspect of the server.

Player Farms - If you create a farm and open it for public use, we have rules for you to follow to ensure players aren't being mistreated and that farm owners aren't using players for personal gain. 

Public farms are not allowed to have locked chests or hidden contraptions that take items away from the player at the farm. If you are at a public farm, then every single drop belongs to you, and the owner will not be allowed to make a profit or 'tax' from you being there. However, any drops left behind by you will be claimable by anyone. 

Additionally, you are not allowed to offer players a fixed amount to AFK for you at your farm - too difficult to protect against scams, and any farm being used by a player who does not own or is trusted to the claim it is in will be considered public. 

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