Server Ranks



/ajp start (canada)




/bottle until [level]

/bottle stats <name>

/bottle get [amount] or max

/chat <name>

/chat <on/off>

/delhome <name>

/hg join hg (europe)


/mail <name>

/msg <name>


/pay <name> <amount>



/realname <nickname>

/sethome <name>

/seen <name>




/tpa <name>

/tpahere <name>



/trade <name>






/warp <name>

Set your status to AFK.

Start a game of Parkour on Canada.

Go back to your previous location.

View the richest players leaderboard.

View your personal money/balance.

Store your levels inside bottles.

Check your bottle stats.

Retrieve bottles and convert them into levels.

Start a persistent chat with another player.

Toggle persistent chat.

Remove a set home.

Join hunger games on Europe.

View your set homes.

Send mail to another player.

Send a private message to another player.

See the players around you.

Pay another player.

View the top playtime leaderboard.

Randomly teleport to somewhere in the world.

See a player's account name.

Kill yourself.

Set a home teleport point.

Check the time since a player was last online.

Teleport to spawn.

Open the admin shop.

Sit down (Can also double clicks stairs and slabs).

Request to teleport to a player.

Request a player to teleport to you.

Accept a teleport request.

Deny a teleport request.

Open the trade GUI with another player.

Open the trash GUI.

View the top voter's leaderboard. 

Get links to vote websites.

Show the 'motd' or welcome message.

Open the warps GUI.

Warp to a set location.

- 150 claim blocks

- 1 Home

[Member] - 5 Votes

/arm gui

/arm addmember <name>

/arm removemember <name>

/arm entitylimit check <plot>

/arm entitylimit buyextra <plot> <value>

/arm resetblocks

Open a gui for player markets

Add a member to your plot

Remove a member from your plot

Check your plots entity limit

Buy additional entities 

Reset your plot

- 500 claim blocks

- 3 Homes

- Rent a plot in /warp shops

- Place 5 shops

[Member[+] - 15 Votes, 10 Levels

- 700 claim blocks

- Place 6 shops

[Member[++] - 30 Votes, 10 Levels

- 1000 claim blocks

- Place 7 shops

[Elite] - 65 Votes, 15 Levels

- 1500 claim blocks

- 4 Homes

- Place 8 shops

[Elite[+] - 100 Votes, 15 Levels

- 2000 claim blocks

- Place 9 shops

[Elite[++] - 135 Votes, 15 Levels

- 2500 claim blocks

- Place 10 shops

[Veteran] - 233 Votes,  25 Levels


Open a portable workbench

- 3000 claim blocks

- Pickup spawners with Silk touch

- 7 Homes

- Place 15 shops

[Veteran[+] - 303 Votes, 25 Levels

- 3500 claim blocks

- Place 20 shops

[Veteran[++] - 373 Votes, 25 Levels

- 4000 claim blocks

- Place 25 shops

[Legend] - 523 Votes, 50 Levels




Open your ender chest anywhere

Move to the highest block above you

See color codes

- 5000 claim blocks

- Use chat colours

- Use chat formatting

- Use sign colours

- use sign formatting 

- Place 30 shops

[Legend[+] - 673 Votes, 50 Levels

- 5000 claim blocks

- Place 35 shops

[Legend[++] - 823 Votes, 50 Levels

- 6000 claim blocks

- Place 40 shops