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Ranks and Commands

Updated: Jan 13

This page contains all the information on Simple's in-game ranks, the requirements to obtain each rank and associated commands available to each rank. These ranks are referred to as vote ranks due to the voting requirement to obtain them. Other ranks include paid and staff ranks.

Ranks in game are represented as a prefix next to your name in chat and on the tablist. The higher your rank is, the more commands and features you are granted access to.

To view commands available to paid ranks, please visit the webstore and click on the desired rank to view its associated commands. All paid rank commands are available for free with vote ranks.


Votes Required: 0

Homes: 1

Auction house Slots: 1




Delete all your land claims in the world you're currently in.




Delete the claim you are currently stood in.

/accesstrust <player>

/at <player>

Grant another player access to use beds, buttons and levers within your claim.


Set your status to "away from keyboard".



Access the server auction house.


Bellyflop onto the ground.




Return to your previous location.



See your current in-game balance.

/balance <player>

/bal <player>

See the balance of another player.


See the balance leaderboard.

/banfromclaim <player>

Ban a player from the claim you are stood in.


List every player banned from the claim you are currently stood in.


Crawl around on the floor.



Protect the land around you with a default claim.



Toggle explosions, such as tnt and creeper, within your claim.



List all you claimed areas and their coordinates.



List all available commands related to player clans.


Grant another player with access to your inventory, crops, animals, bed, and buttons/levers.


Toggle player shop buy and sell notifications in chat.

/delhome <name>

Remove the selected home.



Open a bin/trash GUI to permanently delete any junk items.

/expandclaim <numberOfBlocks>

/extendclaim <numberOfBlocks>

Expand the claim you are stood in by the number of blocks you stated and in the direction you are facing.

/givepet <player>

Give your pet to another player.



Open the admin shop.


Get in-game links to useful information related to the server.


Teleport to your set home.


List all homes you have created and teleport to them.








List all the players you are currently ignoring.

/ignore <player>

/ignoreplayer <player>

Add a player to your ignore list.

/joinq <server>

/joinqueue <server>

Move to another world (Lynx, Phoenix, Wyvern)


Enable or Disable the dropping of items on the ground when you die.


Lay down anywhere



Leave the queue to join another world. (Lynx, Phoenix, Wyvern)


Show all players currently online in your world.



List everyone currently waiting in queue to join a world.





Move to the world defined.


Check your in-game mail.

/map <claim>

/map <unclaim>

Claim a map so others can't make copies of it.


List all marry commands available to you in-game.


Enable private marry chat.

/msg <player>

/whisper <player>

Send another player a private message.


List players around you.


Check your new spawn pvp protection.


List all party commands available to you in-game.

/pay <player> <amount>

Pay in-game money to another player.

/permissiontrust <player>

/pt <player>

Permits a player to trust other players within your claim.


/playtime <player>

See your own or another player's total play time.




Show everyone's pvp status.


Show your PvP status.



Enable/Disable pvp.



Open the quests GUI.


Show the quests leaderboard.


List all of the vote ranks in order.


Show your current level and requirements for the next level. (Rank)

/realname <player>

Show the real name of a player wearing a nickname. You can also hover over their chat messages.

/removehome <name>

Remove or delete an existing home.