Frequently Asked Questions

I haven not received my vote rewards?

Common reasons for not receiving vote rewards:

  1. You voted while offline. Votes rewards are only given to online players.

  2. You voted on the Hub.

  3. You've misspelt or used an incorrect user name on the voting websites.

  4. You didn't capitalise your name in the same way it's displayed in-game.

  5. You used your nickname rather than your Mojang name.

I lost my items, can they be returned?

Yes, if you can provide proof it was lost to a bug/glitch and was not your fault. 

We used to return items to players when they lose them but it has caused multiple issues in the past.

  1. Players lying to staff to get free items.

  2. People playing carelessly because there's no risk as the staff just refund all lost items.

The server also has strict no favouritism rules for all staff. If you give one person a free item, you must be willing to give everyone the same free item. 
So if we refund an item you lost by falling into the void we must be willing to refund every item every player lost falling into the void. You can start to see how "Players lying to staff to get free items" can quickly start to become abused.

How do I get the Donator/VIP/MVP Rank on Discord?

Just send the Discord Admin, or the Discord Mods, your IGN and a screenshot of your in-game rank! They'll update your discord Rank and grant you access to the super cool Lounge channel, for the cool supporters who help keep the server running!

I feel that a staff member has treated me unfairly. What do I do?

Among our current longest standing staff members, Rob is responsible as the Head Admin/ Head of Staff for the conduct of the staff team. We take staff infractions seriously and as such, would like to hear from you if and when staff abuse is occurring. These issues should be sent to Rob, from which point an internal investigation will be undertaken to verify these claims. 

Staff members are not above the rules, and, like players, are expected to follow them, while also remaining a source of assistance, should something go awry. What isn't Mod Abuse is staff members doing their job and telling you what rules you have broken, and issuing you the appropriate punishment. Just because you disagree with the rules does not mean they're null to you.

At this current time, we have opened up a #staff-complaints ticket system. These will only be visible to the Chief or Staff and Evo, so feel free to open a ticket if need be; they are confidential

Why are there limits on some blocks and entities?

Unfortunately, Minecraft is primarily a single-player game. Therefore, everything is designed around single-player worlds. If we left single-player rules with 70 players online, the server wouldn't be able to handle the load and ultimately be unplayable/crash.

So we have to implement rules for mobs and how they can spawn/exist in the world. 
You must first understand that mobs are limited per chunk, but if you reach that limit, it does not mean you can move to an adjacent chunk and carry on. A buffer between chunks exists to ensure entities are being well spread out.

If you look at the small diagram to the right, you will see it broken into squares. These squares represent single chunks on the server. For example, if you were to place all ten allowed cows into the middle green chunk, you would not be able to place any cows anywhere in the surrounding red areas. The outer green zone represents where you can start placing your cows again. 

Some entities, such as withers, can fly into adjacent chunks already being occupied by another wither. This most commonly happens within monster farms. To stop this, you need to create barriers between your withers to ensure they cannot stray into each others territory. If they do, a moderator will come and remove them. 

Will the server player caps ever be raised?

There are several reasons why Simple has player-caps. However, regardless of potential lag, it boils down to one very important aspect of Minecraft.

TL;DR How easy is it to make friends with new people on a server with only 5 people online vs 250?

Ask yourself why do you play online at all and why did you join a predominantly PvE server?

  1. To play with friends.

  2. To meet new people.

  3. You don't want to be alone on single-player.

  4. You want to show off your building capabilities.

  5. You want to kill all the things.

  6. You want to become the richest player.

  7. You want to be a recognised player within the community.

Now, imagine how difficult it would be for you to achieve these things on a server with 250+ players...

Unfortunately, Minecraft only has a single chat room and we all use it as our main connection to other players.

But, everything goes through this small chatbox. Achievements, announcements, trading, messages, broadcasts, party chat, teleport requests, etc. It makes meeting new players so much harder when they can't even see your message, to begin with, which defeats the core reason to why Simple was made in the first place.

Simple Survival at its core is a group of players coming together to play a game we love. We don't want anyone to join and feel excluded.

And yeah... It would be a laggy, unplayable mess too...

Server Resets

What is a server reset?

A server reset is when we essentially delete the current world and create a new one.

Why reset a server?

There are a couple of important reasons to reset a server.

  1. Mojang released a game-changing update and without resetting the world you'd miss out on a lot of new content.

  2. The world has become very old and over time the abundance of natural resources and space to build has diminished, making it hard for new players to join and get started. 

  3. The world has become corrupted and no longer playable.

Note: Servers aren't frequently reset, A single overworld will exist for several years and will only be reset when absolutely necessary. In most cases we will try to expand a world over resetting it completely. 

What will I lose when a server is reset?

Players will lose anything saved inside the world's player data file and the world save file.

This includes;

  1. Player Builds.

  2. Items inside player inventories, ender chests and normal chests.

  3. Player exp levels.

  4. Player in-game money.

  5. Mojang based achievements.

  6. All player statistics saved in Pause menu > Statistics.

What will be saved when a server is reset?

  1. All permissions gained from the current server.

  2. Your in-game ranks, Donator and Vote based.

  3. Any unused crate keys.

  4. All accumulated claim blocks.

  5. Any warnings and previous bans.

  6. Marriage between 2 players.

  7. Suffixes and Nicknames 

  8. Player votes.

My question wasn't answered here!

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