By continuing to play on and/or supporting Simple Survival, you understand and accept that you are bound by these rules. Purposely trying to exploit the system or finding loopholes doesn’t make you smarter or cooler, it just makes the experience for everyone involved less enjoyable! These rules here are guidelines to consider while you’re playing; remember, you are playing with a wide range of other players from all walks of life! If you don’t want to adhere to these rules, there are always single-player worlds and/or other servers! Warnings and other disciplinary actions can be disputed thru our Discord’s ticket system! If you have an issue with a specific staff member, please open a staff-complaint ticket, or contact the Chief of Staff with evidence of misconduct!
#1 Respect All Players
#2 Respect All Builds

Remember, you share the world with hundreds of other players! Please be considerate of one another and:


  • Don’t build within 50 blocks of another player without expressed permission!

    • Trolling/ purposely building at the limits may still result in a warning from staff!

  • Don’t touch what isn’t yours!

    • This extends to both claimed and unclaimed builds, bases, items, maparts, etc. If it isn’t yours and you haven’t been given permission to interfere, touch, or take it, don’t! This includes claiming stuff that isn’t yours!

  • Don’t grief!

    • This includes: tearing down, building and/or infringing upon someone else’s base; landscape griefing; etc.

  • Don’t claim public places!

    • Please don’t claim public areas; they need to be accessible to all players! End portals, public warps, player shops, etc. all need to be available for other players. Claims can, and will be removed by staff, with or without notice in these cases!

  • Be sensible!

    • Don’t build inappropriate structures. Don’t build offensive structures. You know which ones we’re talking about. If you are unsure if it would be offensive/ controversial/ inappropriate, please ask a Staff member! Remember that all players have access to travel thru the world and any of its dimensions!

#4 Additional Rules
#4 Additional Rules

These rules don’t fall under the previous three sections, but all players still need to abide by these!

About In-game money and items:

We have an in-game economy and currency system to help players liquify mob/ farm drops in order to better trade with one another for various in-game goods. Please see our page on commands! Please note that Junior Mods and Moderators cannot change the balances of other players; please contact an Admin for currency/ balance related issues!

When partaking in the economy, you are not allowed to:

  • Be disingenuous about the value of an item to gain it for a lot cheaper than market value.

    • This includes scamming or lying to other players on the value of commodities (i.e. tools, spawners, etc.) to buy it off them for cheap (i.e. lowballing)

  • Trade an in-game item or virtual currency for real-world money

  • Use any dishonest scheme(s) to steal money or items from another player

  • Stealing and/or reselling other players’ physical/ artistic items without permission

    • This encompasses but isn’t limited to player-named items, maparts, banners, etc... Please respect the time and effort others have put into creating these things!


About Player shop plots
Every sub-server of Simple Survival has a /warp shops, a public warp where players can rent shop plots to conduct business! Please see the info board at each respective shopping district for assistance on setting up shops! For details on the availability of shop plots, please see the FAQ section on our Discord! Staff members cannot create new shop plots. With these shop plots, players are expected to abide by the following rules:


  • You cannot rent a shop plot with the intention to sell it for a profit to another player.


  • If selling a plot, you may not charge more than 2 weeks of that plot's rent.


  • You cannot charge a player more than you pay in rent to have shops on your plot if sharing.


  • Empty shops can/will be removed

    • For example: purchasing a plot and not building on it, refusing/ neglecting to refill your shop for an extended period of time, etc.


  • Any shops seen to be attempting to scam players will be removed and the owner warned.


  • Do not place beacons in or around the shopping district.


  • The shopping district is to be treated like any other claim. If you build within 50 blocks, your build may be removed.


About the use of Paid-Account Services, Cracked Accounts, Alt Tokens, etc.
The use of accounts obtained thru 3rd parties, alt tokens, or similarly related/cracked sources are not supported on our server. Please note that the act of reselling/ renting out Mojang accounts are a violation of Mojang's EULA, and it is extremely difficult for the staff team to discern if it is “really you” who is using the account. You, the player, are responsible for what happens on your account! Please support Mojang developers by purchasing a legitimate copy of the game! Warnings and disciplinary actions given as a result of “someone else being on your account” will not be removed! If you believe your account has been compromised, please take steps to recover and secure your password(s)! We are in no way affiliated with the Mojang dev team, company, or related persons! We cannot reset your passwords for you!


Staff are fellow players too! Behavior that will not be allowed:


  • Being obnoxious in chat

    • Spamming, use of bad/ inappropriate language, insulting/ harassing other players, trolling, etc.

    • No, we really don’t know if you’re actually XYZ, please don’t use slurs in any context!

  • Starting and/or discussing controversial topics in global chat

    • Discrimination/ negative comments based on race, skin-tone, looks, gender, beliefs, affiliations, etc.

  • Encouraging/ partaking in violence/ hatred towards other players

  • Speaking about deeply negative topics

    • Examples: self-harm, suicide, etc.

  • Lying about and/or doxxing other players in any way

  • Impersonation of staff or another player 

    • Includes using Donator perks to display tags/ ranks you do not possess

#3 Play Fair

Due to the nature of modified clients and their ability to heavily alter users’ in-game abilities, external/ 3rd-party clients are banned on Simple Survival.


The only clients you may use are the following:


> Minecraft's vanilla (default) client


> Optifine


Even if you're not using any game-changing modifications, you will receive a warning and/or be banned if you are found to be using anything other than Optifine or the default client! These rules are in place for a simple reason: There is very little we can do on our side to prove what mods you are and are not using on a client, like Forge, and they can be easily hidden. Please be honest and abide by these rules!

Optifine downloads require you to have Java installed on your computer!


Please understand that even tho some popular clients (for example: BadLion, Lunar, etc.) do offer server-side anti-cheats, we do not have these on the server due to the size of our server. They have not, and do not, effectively prevent the use of modified clients unless everyone/ a large portion of the server uses the same client. For more details, please see our Discord’s FAQ section!

Similarly to modified clients, abusing glitches on our server is also against the rules. There are no exceptions to these rules. This can include:

  • duping/ using dupe machines

  • the use of texture packs/ resource packs to gain an unfair advantage 

    • (i.e. using packs to change the transparency of blocks, commonly known as x-raying)

  • using macros/ micros to automate player processes 

    • (includes and is not limited to autoclickers, automovers, etc.)

  • creating lag machines to impact other players/ server performance, etc..


The server has a 15-minute timeout counter that will kick you if you're idle for long periods of time in order to accommodate other players waiting in the lobby/ hub server!


You may not do the following:

  • Use auto clickers to reset the timer. (This includes putting weight on a key to simulate auto-clicking).

  • Create AFK machines that reset the timer with player motion. This includes fishing farms.

  • Use alternate accounts to AFK for you.


If you’ve been banned from the server by either a staff member or the console, logging back in on an alt account will result in a warning on both accounts, as well as an extension of the ban of the original account. Repeat attempts to ban-evade will result in a perma-ban from the server. Just because you use or have a new account doesn’t mean you didn’t receive the warnings on your original account!


In Summary

We understand that everyone is here to play Minecraft and have a good time! The staff team is composed of volunteers of fellow players! Please don’t hesitate to ask for assistance or clarification on our Discord! All the rules above still apply, but, to sum everything up:

  • Be respectful and mindful of your behavior with/ towards others!

  • Be mindful of where you build/ gather resources!

  • Only the default vanilla Minecraft client and Optifine are allowed; no exceptions!

  • Don’t abuse anything on the server, be it people, staff, mechanics, or systems!

  • Loopholes and semantics won’t get you out of trouble!

Last but not least, from the team here at Simple Survival, we want to thank you for your support and hope you have fun! If you have suggestions for the server, please contact the server owner thru Discord!

Simple Survival Rules