Simple Survival is a multiplayer survival Minecraft server offering an online experience for people of all ages and from all over the world! Community is our main priority here, and you can expect to make lots of friends and take part in our many events and activities, many of which are community-driven, and you can even host your own for yourself and your friends to enjoy!


We believe Minecraft sells itself as a game, and people don't join multiplayer servers for lots of flashy extras and gadgets, so we try to keep things as close to the vanilla game as possible while adding a few features that allow players to work together and enhance their experience. We do, however, know the importance of memories, so for that reason, we never reset or delete our worlds. Whatever you build is with us forever! 


Check out some of our player's awesome builds below, and then come join us!


Server Info

3 Survival servers running on 1.19.2
We are always online - 24/7
Top Notch Hardware - No Lag
Toggleable PVP - You are safe in the wild
Land Claiming - Protect your base
Economy - Buy, sell & trade with others
Leaderboards - Are you our best player?
Player Shops - Passive income while building
Player Clans - Join or create your clan!

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